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Layered effect: you can wear a vest under a jacket or even on it / Usando capas: puedes usar un chaleco debajo o incluso encima de una chaqueta

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Ready for the weekend? some special day or date? / ¿Preparado para el fin de semana? ¿algun dia especial?

Modern pirate ready to conquer the island of Capri - classic combo in navy & white. Jacket & pants both Suitsupply, MTM linen shirt by Emanuel Berg fitted by Lowet Tailors, P.Johnson Tailors camouflage square & Scalpers slippers

Sleeping NSX

Tuscan villa in Jackson, MS. Kevin L Harris, Architect.



07/09/2012 details

Igor is a sharp guy too.

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Same Sky, Different Horizons

We all looking at the same sky but we each see different horizons. Will you ever reach your horizon?


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